Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Toy Story 4

I think that by now, all of my Scribble Junkies readers know that I'm not a particularly brilliant movie critic - my criticism is worth about 2 cents, or perhaps more appropriately, 1 cent - but here it is...

I liked "Toy Story 4".  I went to see it with my 6-year-old son, Lucas.  He initially didn't want to see it, but I dragged him with me anyway. And he loved the film, as usual.  Here are my thoughts on Pixar's new film:

The dialogue was excellent.  In fact, I'm writing dialogue now for my new feature, "Slide" and I'm so jealous of the wit and the emotion that they put into this script.  Of course, they had 5 or 6 highly-paid professional screenwriters working on this.

The visuals, as usual, were fantastic!  I loved the four little evil "Chucky"-like puppets.  They were hilarious!  And Little Bo Peep was hot!  I mean, I was in love!  How could Woody not fall head-over-boots in love with her?  She should be a model!

But my big complaint is how it got so sappy at the end.  You can't pile all these emotional moments, one on top of the other - after a while, I get "sad ending overload".  I'd prefer more jokes and satire over one more orphan girl finding her perfect doll.

Like I said, my criticism is worth about 1 cent, though -

I give "Toy Story 4" a B+.

Here's my cartoon for the week.  Have a great Fourth of July and I plan on watching the great Washington, DC Military Parade!

--Bill P.

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