Monday, July 1, 2019

IFC Center screening of "Trump Bites"

Last week we had a big show at the IFC Center movie theater here in NYC.  Billy Shebar (producer of the "Trump Bites" shorts) and I appeared at a screening of all six "Trump Bites" shorts and had a talk with a wonderful audience.

Since each "Trump Bites" short is only a minute long, we padded the show with my classic animated shorts "Guard Dog" and "Your Face", which incidently inspired "The Unraveling", one of the "Trump Bites" shorts.  We also talked about the origins (oranges?) of the series and how we put it all together.

The big audience was wonderful - they laughed and applauded at everything, and the screening was followed by a very energetic Q&A session - then everyone lingered around afterward to talk more extensively about the "Trump Crisis".

One interesting side-note was that Billy and I both feared that we'd get some political demonstrators interrupting our show.  As you may be aware, a certain big-time blogger wrote a very critical article about our Trump shorts, claiming I was homophobic for depicting Trump being smitten by Putin, and then we were barraged by hate mail and comments from Russian bots.  Not only that, but last week was also Pride Week in NY - a perfect opportunity for some kind of public protest or demonstration.

Fortunately, the audience was full of fans - no pie in my face or loud audience slogans, which I think goes to prove that all the negative backlash was from bots, and it was mostly all made up.  (Fake News!)

You'll be happy to know that I just finished a big project for a certain well-known Fox-TV show, which I'll talk about next time, and I'm free to go back to my favorite project, my new feature "Slide", an old country-western musical filled with lumberjacks, prostitutes, hired killers and a mythical cowboy.

Here's some art from the film - see ya next time.

Bill P.

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