Friday, May 27, 2016

"Angry Birds" + a trip to Montauk

First of all, I'm not an "Angry Birds" fan.  I've never seen them on my computer - since I don't watch stuff on my computer.  Yet I have a 3-year old son, and I"m trying to introduce him to the cinema/popcorn/coke habit - so we went to see "Angry Birds".

I liked the idea that an angry creature is the star of a film - any angry creature in a film, even a  human, would be refreshing.  I thought that it was a novel way to tell a story - I also like the evil pigs and their evil machinations.  They kind of reminded me of the evil penguin in Nick Park's "The Wrong Trousers".

However, to me the plot included too many characters - I got confused and the character design was a little too flat and crude.  And to the audience, there really was only one big joke - and honestly, now I can't remember what it was.  (I know, I should have written this immediately after the screening - but hey, I'm not a reviewer by profession, I'm a friggin' animator...)

So for me, it was a mildly entertaining film, but my son Lucas didn't like it at all.  Hmm, he's a tough critic.  So I give "Angry Birds" a C+

Also, I want to remind everyone that we're having the world premiere of my mockumentary "Hitler's Folly" at the SVA theater on 23rd St. in Manhattan, on Wednesday, June 1 at 7 pm.  All are invited and the admission is free - you just have to send an RSVP by e-mail to:

So, if you want to see what Adolf Hitler would have been like as a cartoonist, check it out.  And if you don't live in the NY or NJ area, tell your friends about it, and you can watch it for free on my Plymptoons web-site, starting June 3.

Finally, last week I got together with my Scribble Junkies partner, Pat Smith, at his sprawling Montauk mansion.  It was a wonderful reunion, we talked animation and relaxed in the lap of luxury.  Here are some photos:

--Bill Plympton

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