Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Village Voice

As I hope you're aware, my new feature film, CHEATIN', is being released in theaters across the U.S. this month.  See my earlier post for the full schedule.

It's going to be a crazy month - in addition to the hundreds of interviews, I'm doing a cross-country caravan, hitting 15 cities to promote CHEATIN' (the movie, not the act...)

So, it's a very tense and nervous time.  Will I be receiving great reviews or rejections in each city?  Will there be packed movie theaters or cinemas that look like ghost towns? 

I was greatly relieved to get the reviews that came out around the time of the NYC opening.  The Village Voice, the paper based in the neighborhood where we were screening, said things like "more inspired gorgeous wonder than late Malick films" and "don't-miss-it chance to see a master dream up a pungent freak-out".

Wow, how can I top that?  And then I got the review from the New York Times.  Among other great things, they said it's a "lusty film-noir dreamscape" with a "volatile blending of the sensual and the grotesque".

But the best one came from IndieWire - they called it "the best animated movie of 2015".

I'm so relieved that people like the movie - after spending all my savings on it and drawing for three years on the project, it's finally going to find its audience.  So please check my Facebook page or the schedule here on my blog, or follow me on Twitter to find out when CHEATIN' might be coming to your city! 

I hope to see you there -


Bill Plympton

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