Wednesday, April 8, 2015

CHEATIN' release update

It's Day 5 of the theatrical release of CHEATIN' at the Village East Cinema.  We only have two more days to go, and the chances of breaking even don't look good.  We had great opening audiences on Friday, and a few of the evening shows have been crowded, but not enough to make a profit.

Since we couldn't get the type of distribution we wanted, we decided to "four-wall" the cinema, that meant we essentially rented the theater for one whole week for a lot of money, hoping that the buzz for the film would fill the seats.

Well, an empty theater seat is a terrible thing to waste - and even with the stellar reviews we got (we have an 80% rating on Rotten Tomatoes) we're just not bringing in the crowds.

I believe the big problem is our lack of a sufficient advertising budget.  All the big Hollywood films pump out millions of dollars to promote their films - I think we spent just $800 on ads.

Yet, in the Village East Cinema, CHEATIN' is kicking Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart's asses - and they have "Get Hard" on two screens, while we have only one.

Next week, I start my 15-city tour - so hopefully I'll be able to bring you better news from the hinterlands.  Thanks for all your help, spreading the word about independent animation!

--Bill P.

                                                 Hey, look, CHEATIN' is on the marquee! 

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