Monday, July 14, 2014

San Diego Comic-Con 2014

Hey, comic and animation fans -

Great news, I'm going back to the San Diego Comic-Con, and I've got all sorts of great activities set up.  It all goes down July 23-27 (Wednesday's the Preview night, then Thurs-Sunday are full days).  For more information, please visit

Number 1, I'll have my usual booth, #1537, but what's really wonderful about this year is that we've named the whole row "Animation Alley", because we've created a little neighborhood there.  In other words, if you have any love of animation, you MUST check out Animation Alley!

We've got Animation Magazine, ASIFA-Hollywood, Ken Mora and Jim Lujan at the BellaFe Films table, and of course, the great Spike & Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation booth - and I must say that this corner of the convention center gets crazier and crazier every year.  We have beauty contests, push-up contests, ball fights and general mayhem.

                             Here's where you can find Animation Alley - just look for row 1500
                                (this photo taken last year from the mezzanine on the west side)

Number 2, I'll host my Bill Plympton panel on Thursday, July 24, noon to 1 pm in Room 23ABC.  This is where I'll screen some new clips from "CHEATIN'" (it just won the Prix du Jury at the prestigious Annecy Animation Festival), plus a brand-new clip from "REVENGEANCE", my new co-production with the great Jim Lujan.  Plus we'll be making a major announcement about "CHEATIN'" being released in theaters, so you won't want to miss it!  And if that's not enough, I'll have a sneak peek of my brand new short film, "Footprints"!

Number 3, I'll be showing my animated short "Drunker Than a Skunk" as part of the Comic-Con Independent Film Festival on Friday, July 25 at 11:35 am in Hall 2 at the Marriott Marquis and Marina, which is 1 building north of the main convention center.  It's a hilarious story about a small cowboy town that torments the local drunk, and it's all animated in ballpoint pen drawings.

So please come to my Comic-Con panel and get a free sketch - or stop by the booth any time and say "Hello".  This year we're going to be offering a ton of original animation drawings at cut-rate prices, because I'm trying to make some space in my studio. 

See you at the Con!

--Bill Plympton

(and my thanks to Jim Lujan for the great flyer!)

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