Monday, June 2, 2014

Subliminal Ads

Do I have an over-imaginative mind?  Or do I have too much sex on the brain?

Or is advertising resorting to blatant sexual imagery to sell their products?

Just the other day, I passed this poster for the film "The Other Woman" on a nearby street corner.

Now, I don't know what you see in this image, but to me it looks like Cameron Diaz has a round hole cut in her dress so you can see her shaved pussy -

Now, I'm sure that the publicity team at 20th Century Fox looked at this image many times before deciding to use it in their major ad campaign.  And someone must have pointed out the sexual innuendo to them.  So my only conclusion is that they used this image as a sexual come-on to get the butts into the theater seats.

What do you think - am I crazy, or am I seeing things that aren't there?  Please write to me and let me know.


Bill Plympton

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