Monday, May 19, 2014

Stuttgart Animation Festival

After the Paris premiere of "Cheatin'" ("Les Amants Electriques"), I went to the famed Stuttgart Trickfilm Festival, where I saw a lot of old friends, and also saw some great films - but the main reason I was there was to present the German premiere of "Cheatin'".

It was a rousing success - two jam-packed audiences, and prolonged applause (which I always love).  I had to suppress the applause or I wouldn't have had time to sign autographs and introduce the next show -

Also, while I was there I met with my good friend, Andreas Hykade, who did some live-action acting for my next mockumentary feature.  But for now, it's a secret - I'll make an announcement soon.  By the way, Andreas is a great actor.

Andreas Hykade with Bill (photo from Annecy, 2009)

I give the Stuttgart festival an A-.  The minus is because "Cheatin'" didn't win the big prize.  That went to "Garden of Word", a Japanimation film.  I talked to one of the judges and asked why "Cheatin'" didn't win - he said that it had too much sex and violence.  Yeah!! If I'm going to lose a prize, that's a great reason why.

--Bill P.

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