Friday, March 21, 2014

Cheatin' reviews

Now that "Cheatin'" is hitting the festival circuit, we've been getting a lot of very cool reviews. For those of you who are following the film - and I hope you all are, here are some of those reviews:

"Loads of sexual of his best longform toons, an energetic romp...with distinctive, freewheeling visual imagination on giddy display. Without sacrificing his trademark surreal physicality...the writer-director-producer’s pulsing, pencil-etched, pastel-hued animation style is a pleasure to behold" - Dennis Harvey, Variety

"one of Plympton’s most accessible and fluent feature-length works." – Leslie Felperin, Hollywood Reporter

"the Kickstarter-funded Cheatin’ is a sublimely dialogue-free dreamscape. It’s also a story of mad love in a lurid world (akin to David Lynch’s Wild at Heart)...Plympton also affectingly visualizes emotion...Has a Disney movie ever captured such a raw human ache?" - Kristi Mitsuda, Willamette Week

"one of his most accessible and oddly entrancing works to date...gorgeous piece of animation. One of Plympton’s prettiest and most surreal works yet...Inherently absurd...there is certainly no feature quite like this gorgeous romantic picture." - Joshua Brunstine, Criterioncast

"Bill Plympton is back with his first feature in five years, and fans of his signature, hand-drawn style and/or his demented sense of humor are in for a treat....Fresh and alive."
- Marc Mohan, Oregon Live

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