Monday, January 6, 2014

Top Ten List

Well, it's after New Year's, and as per the movie critics' tradition, it's time for my Top Ten Movie List.

This year has been a very good year for films, both critically and in box office, so it was difficult to narrow my list down to ten - but anyway, here it is:

#10 - "Captain Phillips" - a great action film with political overtones.

#9 - "Prisoners" - a terrific kidnap film that takes very surprising turns.

#8 - "Philomena" - a tragic forced-adoption story with hilarious comedy from Steve Coogan.

#7 - "Despicable Me 2" - the rare sequel that's as good as, or better than, the original.  Plus, it was animated in France.

#6 - "Saving Mr. Banks" - Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks are great as P. L. Travers and the great Walt Disney.

#5 - "Ernest and Celestine" - another French animated feature that's just a wonder to watch.  Great design!

#4 - "12 Years a Slave" - from director Steve McQueen, the most powerful anti-slavery film ever made.  It will take home a lot of Oscars.

#3 - "This Is the End" - by Seth Rogen, James Franco and Jonah Hill.  In my estimation, the funniest film of the year.  I saw it on an airplane, and I was laughing so hard it bothered my seat neighbors.

#2 - "The Wolf of Wall Street" - by Martin Scorsese, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  A very funny look at Wall Street corruption.

And the number 1 film of the year!!!....

"Gravity" - it's such an unusual film - a unique concept, yet it had me on the edge of my seat throughout.  I was a mass of sweat at the end.


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