Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ASIFA-East Festival

As I've stated before - the ASIFA-East Animation Festival is one of the highlights of the animation year. 

Not only do attendees get to see the cream of the animated crop for the year, but also it's a great opportunity to see all the members of the cartoon community on one night, in one place.

The festival is divided into three categories - student, professional and independent.  So it's always a wide spectrum of filmmakers and films there - but also there are a lot of friends and fans that go to see the latest films from the East Coast animators.

The winning films are always screened, and afterwards there's a great party of food and wine - then we usually retire to a local bar to gossip about the films and filmmakers. 

So, if you live somewhere on the East Coast of the U.S., you should definitely be there.  It's being held on Sunday, May 19 at 6 pm, at the Tishman Auditorium at the New School, 66 West 12th St. in New York, NY. 

Plus, it's free!  So now you gotta come - I'll see you there!

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