Monday, April 22, 2013

Annecy Plus

As many of you may know, about 7 years ago, my Scribble Junkies partner, Pat Smith, and I started the very successful "Annecy Plus" Film Festival in Annecy, France.

Well, it's grown to become THE cultural event in Annecy, and it's happening again this year.  The screening will take place in the Cafe des Artistes in the Old Town section of Annecy, on June 14 at 9 pm.  I hope you all can come.

So I'm now putting together a program of shorts to screen at our festival.  Nancy Phelps is putting together the other half of the program.  So, if you have a film that was not accepted by the fine judges of the Annecy Animation Festival, please send it our way.

But, I have certain preferences.  I'd like to get it on DVD.  Also, shorts have a better chance of being selected if they're under 5 minutes long, and have little or no dialogue.  You have to understand that the audience will be made up of people from different countries, and they'll probably have had a few alcoholic beverages. 

So if you want to be a star at Annecy Plus, please send in your DVD to:

Plymptoons Studio
153 West 27th St. #1005
New York, NY 10001  USA

Thanks, and see you in Annecy!


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  1. So, Annecy Plus is like "Salon des Refus├ęs" for animated shorts?