Friday, December 7, 2012


As you all know I'm deep into the production of my new animated feature, Cheatin' (If you didn't know you should).
The good news is the animation is all done-YEAH! But we're still in production- why? Because we're trying a new style of coloring, Watercolor. I've never seen a feature film where the art is watercolored. So my crack staff led by Lindsay Woods and Desiree Stavracos are creating the art that looks beautiful. The only problem is it's very labor intensive. We had to hire a bunch of artists to finish the coloring. So now I'm broke. I'm out of money. The solution is Kickstarter!
My “Flying House” Kickstarter campaign was a big success so I'm going to the well a second time and I hope kickstarter can save my ass. We're offering very cool prizes and you get to be part of my new animated feature.

If you're interested check out my kickstarter campaign at:

Here's the video: 

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