Friday, July 20, 2012


As you are no doubt aware, I've been appearing all over the world with Alexia Anastasio's wonderful documentary “Adventures in Plymptoons!”.

Well, the culmination of the festival appearances took place on June 20 at the prestigious Museum of Modern Art. Alexia organized a wonderful reception at the Brasserie Cognac, where we shared drinks and conversation with Eric Gilliland (“Hair High”), Lloyd and Pat Kaufman (Troma Films), Moby and The Amazing Kreskin (if you've seen the film “The Great Buck Howard”, starring John Malkovich, then you know who he is and how he shakes hands).

 Then the whole party moved to MOMA for the big New York premiere of the documentary. It was a packed house, and the audience loved the film. We brought all the people who were in the film up on stage for a particularly raucous Q&A session – both Signe Baumane and Lloyd Kaufman brought up my sexual past.

We all hung out afterwards as I gave everyone in the audience a free sketch. Now it looks like Alexia is in the process of negotiations with a distributor. So you'll all be able to see it in your local cinemas or on DVD soon -
 Thanks, Alexia!

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