Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Puss in Boots

One of the films I was not looking forward to this season was "Puss in Boots." I liked the first Shrek, but after awhile the franchise and characters lost their attraction for me. Then Jeffrey K decides to spin off what I think is one of the weakest characters into its own franchise!

Now I know America (and perhaps the world) is obsessed with felines, but this character is so ugly. It's like they motion captured a human then stuck on and ugly cat head and thought if they camouflaged the character with over-sized boots and a large floppy hat, then no one would know how poorly designed he is.

Also, the story is very weak. Lots of exciting chases that lead nowhere. I was not emotionally involved in the characters Jack & Jill, the female cat or Humpty Dumpty. I give it a C+.

Anyway, Happy Holidays and don't forget to check out our holiday card here!

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