Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Feet 2

I realize that Happy Feet 2 can out a few months ago, and I'm a little behind schedule – But I was finally able to see the animated sequel by George Miller.

I saw the original film and thought it was full of charm and entertainment, even though it's not my kind of story. And it of course did great box office.

The sequel, however, is a mess. I was never sure what was going on – (spoilers to follow) there were all these strange references to moss taking over the terrain, then an evil read tsunami was approaching, and we follow two krill on some kind of lost adventure. Then we see the polar bears struggling, humongous icebergs floating about, and then humans on a trawler cruising about. And all these ideas never came to anything, except for one large iceberg that inexplicably traps thousands of penguins in an icy death valley and the only way to save them is by dancing that somehow builds a snowy staircase for their escape.

It's bizarre how Warner Brothers, once the great animation studio of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, can't seem to release an animated success.

I unfortunately give Happy Feet 2 a D.


  1. Just saw this film last night. You must've watched it on DVD and didn't pay attention. It was great. Finally an animated feature ABOUT SOMETHING - global warming from the first minute on. Characters were well developed - even though it was a sequel, and the story just throbbed with tension. In a year when the animated features are all so horrible, this one stands out (for me.)

    Sorry you didn't like it.

  2. Bill is on the lookout for the perfect animated feature, this is a waste of his time, apparently.