Sunday, July 3, 2011

The weather finally turned better and the crowds got bigger. I met with Lucie Marijeau and we did organized signing of our book "Bill Plympton; portrait of a Serial Cartoonist." It's a wonderful book half in French and half in English.

We had a talk set up at the wonderful B.D. Fugue by Vincent. I sold a lot of the large Rizzdi book "Independently Animated." In fact we sold out in two days. But the French book didn't sell as well because it was priced way too high. I hope the publisher is able to bring the price down because it's a wonderful book but way too expensive.

After talking to Leslie Iwerks and hearing more Disney/Pixar gossip (which I can't divulge because I don't want to lose her as a friend) at the Disney BBQ, I raced over to the Le Code bar for the 6th annual Annecy + Festival. The bar was somewhat smaller than usual but jam-packed. We again had the Annecy + band starring Nick Phelps and the wonderful Jonas Realm as our projectionist. We used a LED sheet against a wall for our screen. The films that Nancy and I selected were big hits with the audience (they were all rejected by the Annecy select in Jury). The party went late into the night and even the gendarmes showed up to block up the noise. I am happy to announce the winning films: "Bottle" by Kirsten Lepore, "Things You Better not Mix Up" by Joost Lieuwma and "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mrs. Morris Lessmore" by William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg. By the way all the winners will receive valuable prizes.

The next morning I could finally relax and enjoy some leisure time. I went to see competition #3 (very good), sold the last of my DVDs at the Bonlieu with Spike, and I finally went for a swim in the delightful crystal clean Lac d'Annecy.

I then attended the closing ceremony. This being the year for American films, Serge Dressed as a cowboy and road in on a horse. I was disappointed in the feature film winners but I liked all the choices for the shorts. Get the complete list here.

It was a very rich and entertaining festival for me and as usual I look forward to attending next year. And if your film is rejected by the Annecy selection jury, remember you can always send it to Nancy or I at the prestigious Annecy + Festival.

And you should make plans to go for next year.

Au Revoir Annecy et Serge!

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  1. I am the one who counted the votes in the Annecy plus ballot: Carole of teh organization read them, I made a tick on the list and then counted the ticks. It was thrilling, because at the end of the count "Bottles" and "Things You Better not Mix Up" were tied (14 votes each) and then came a late submission which gave "Bottles" the winning preference.