Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hand-Drawn Animation Show!

A few months ago I mentioned here on the SJ blog that I'd have a surprise coming. Well here it is! We can now announce that my Junkie partner Pat Smith and I have organized a very cool animation program consisting of only 2D animation.

Are you feeling like a robot after watching too many digital films? Are Pixar and Dreamworks turning you into a machine? How would you like to see some animation that was actually created by a HAND? Imagine that! A film that looks like a piece of art but it moves. We've scoured the world looking for the best to represent the cream de la cream of hand drawn animation and on August 14 at the way cool Nighthawk cinema in Williamsburg Brooklyn we're going to premier their game changing films. Not only that, but a number of the film makers will be there to talk about their films and how they made them.

The Nighthawk cinemas is one of those very cool cinemas where you can eat and drink while watching the films. Check their websites for the time and location. Pat and I will be there along with a few of the film makers. Then we'll party down afterward at the Nighthawk lounge - so be sure to tell your friends and bring them down to the Aug 14 premier of the 2D animated extravaganza.

Also remember this show can be shown in other cities - just contact Pat here at Scribble Junkies.

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