Monday, July 12, 2010

Guard Dog Global Jam

I was at the wonderful Florida Film Festival where I saw a short animated film that was amalgam of circles taken from artists on the internet. It was a very cool film but what really intrigued me was the idea that one could make a film using artists from around the world and never actually talking to them or meeting them.

After thinking about it, the idea came to my mind that perhaps I could remake one of my classics using animators from around the world- kind of a Global Jam.

My most famous film "Your Face" would be great but it's one complete shot so its hard to break up into short sections. Then I thought "Guard Dog." That's perfect- it's made up of 70 little shots, a great animal star (everyone likes to animate animals) and its Oscar nominated!

So two weeks we opened up the competition for animators from around the world to submit for their favorite shots on Sept. 1 at noon EST. And the selection will be made on a first come first serve basis.

Unfortunately I can't pay filmmakers who join in the fun. But I will give them a credit in the film- a free DVD and an original drawing from my "Guard Dog" series.

I think the finished product is going to look very cool when it is finished. However I can't foresee it getting a whole lot of sales since its kind of a squeal to the original "Guard Dog." But I believe it will be a wonderful collaboration of the wide range of styles and humor available in animation.

Check out the rules that are included on and stay tuned for an update on the project. Also I've just decided to give a special prize for the single clip that I think is my favorite.

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  1. Glad #CirclePic could inspire such a fun project! I look forward to contributing to this.

    -Bryan Brinkman