Friday, May 14, 2010

Four Pages... and a premiere...

In my opinion, these four pages of notes by Glen Keane are the most important guide for any animator interested in capturing the weight, volume and force of life in their work. I have these pages taped above my desk in order to constantly remind me, and they have been vital while animating my most recent film. I don't pretend to be abel to capture the energy that glen does, but one can only keep trying!

A minor plug: My latest short animated film "Masks" world premiere is June 18th here in New York, at 92y Tribeca. Please try to make it. I'll be posting more information about the event soon, but you can read more or buy tickets at the 92y Tribeca site.


  1. according to file names these are only four out of five pages, is this correct? :>

  2. yeah.. the first page is just a title of the packet, it includes a layout drawing of a bunch of dwarfs, check out mark kennedy's blog, he's got it on there:)