Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Winsor McCay House

Ever since I was a young animation fan and I saw Gertie the Dinosaur on TV, I've been a big fan of Winsor McCay. Over the years, I'd marvel at the great imagery and draftsmanship of that turn of the century genius.
I felt a certain kinship to him for a number of reasons. 1. He began his career as a print cartoonist, like myself. 2. He made every drawing in his film by himself, like myself, and 3. He used surrealism as a source of humor. Also like myself. So when I read that one of his early homes out in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn was close to being torn down, I rushed out there to see it myself. I was joined by 2 French animation fans, Xavier and Lucie, and took the subway out near Coney Island.
One problem was the address I received was wrong. The number in print was 1181 Voorhies Ave. And after seeing that there was no such address, we showed the picture of the house to a local resident and he pointed up the street 4 blocks to 1811 Voorhies Ave.
What a dump. Unfortunately the 3 storied mansion has long been abandoned so it now houses 8 families of hispanic descent. And as we entered the front door the spanish families hurriedly scattered to their respective apartments in fear. Apparently the famed animator's home is now a multifamily squatters shelter.
But you can imagine the glory that it once was back in the early 1900's. All the architectural details are still there and with a lot of work it can be restored to its former glory. But the neighborhood is changing. What used to be a nice, quiet, residential area is a bustling commercial zone with liquor stores and great chain drug stores.
As much as I hate to say this, it would be very difficult to turn it into a museum simply because it so far from Manhattan (about 1 hour). But if they could get a historic landmark designation that would be fantastic.
I created some sketches of the house when I visited, and also here's some photos. If you're out in the Coney Island area, definitely check it out. The address is 1811 Voorhies Ave, Sheepshead Bay.


  1. what an embarrassment, not only for being Winsor McCay's house but because how society treats its best traditional architecture, is just so terrible to look how old and beautiful neighborhoods disappear, covered up by the most horrible buildings you could imagine. It drives me nuts what they're doing to Santiago, in Chile, and to so many cities in the world. It doesn't really makes sense to me.

  2. and its amazing how even being Winsor McCay's house its destined to disappear anyway.

  3. Makes me sad thinking of the neighborhood my mom grew up in near downtown that is either teetering on a rebirth, or a swift kick back into the slums given the circumstances at play. McCay's house needs to be remembered unless it's been erased forever.

  4. "it now houses 8 families of hispanic descent"!!?? WTF. Bill I didn't know you were a closet racist.What does their ethnicity have to do with anything??
    "as we entered the front door the spanish families hurriedly scattered to their respective apartments in fear." You're lucky they didn't shoot your ass for tresspassing!

  5. Since when does mentioning they were hispanic make him racist? He was merely describing the scene.

    "You're lucky they didn't shoot your ass for tresspassing!" Now *that* sounds like a racist stereotype to me.


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  7. The house was sold, and unfortunately refashioned into unrecognizablity.