Friday, March 3, 2023

A VERY Busy March schedule

March 3, 2023

So, I'm back!  I apologize for being out of touch for the last two months.  I was in "FINISH SLIDE" mode, which was all-consuming.  Now I've finished the rough cut to enter into Cannes and show to the Annecy Festival, I can come up for air and maybe take a little rest.  Now I can give you an update on my upcoming events!  It seems now that society is finally getting back to normal (?) I have a bunch of events where I'll be appearing.

Starting with March 10-12, I'll be up in the Boston area at the Boxboro Regency Hotel for the NorthEast Comic-Con and Collectibles Extravaganza.  I'll be selling original art and showing some excerpts from the new feature, "Slide" and everyone who attends my Master Class and screening will get a free sketch!  Please note, though, that there is an additional ticket required to attend my screening, it's not included in the price of admission to the Con!

You can get all the convention information, schedule, directions and tickets here:

Then on Monday, March 20, I'll be screening the ROUGH CUT of "Slide" to get audience feedback on my film.  It's very important that I make any appropriate changes to make it the best feature I can make.  The screening will be at NOON on 3/20 at the SVA Theatre, which is at 333 West 23rd St. in Manhattan, between 8th Ave. and 9th Ave. 

Then on March 25-26, I'll be appearing at the Big Apple Comic Con - I've always enjoyed this event in the past, even though it's mostly for comic book collectors.  I've still found that I have a lot of fans there.  I'll also be doing a Master Class there screening clips from "Slide" at this event, and I'll do quick sketches for anyone who stop by my booth.  The Big Apple "Back to Spring" event takes place at the New Yorker Hotel, 481 Eighth Avenue in Manhattan.  

For convention info, directions and tickets, please visit:

And then on March 30-31, I'll be in sunny (?) Palm Springs for AmDoc (American Documentary and Animation Film Festival), where I'll give a Master Class and show clips from "Slide" and some of my other big hits.  I believe my event is on March 31 at 11:30 am but you can check out the festival's schedule here:

I then fly QUICKLY back to NYC on the red-eye and go straight to the one-and-only MoCCA Arts Festival, which is being held April 1-2 at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th St.  This is one of my favorite events of the whole year!  They only present books and films that are independent, and I fit very nicely into that category!  So please stop by and say "Hello!"  You can get tickets and directions here:

WOW, this is a lot to process!  I haven't had this much on my schedule in about three years!  I hope to see a lot of my fans again in March!  It's finally time to leave the house!  See you soon!

--Bill P.

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