Friday, May 20, 2022

Anifilm, Czech Republic

Yeah! The film festivals are back in operation!  I'm starting to get invitations to far-flung festivals again, and that's very important to me for a number of reasons: I get to travel, I get to reconnect with my international animation friends plus I get income from screening fees and merchandise sales. 

The last time I was in the Czech Republic was years ago, when it was held in a cool spa town called Trebon.  This year, it was moved to a larger town, Terebec.  I stayed at an 18th century chateau - I felt like an Austrian prince without the sword.

The best part was hanging out with two of my best animation friends, Michaela Pavlatova, who was there with "My Sunny Maad" - a wonderful feature about emigrants in Afghanistan.  And then I got to hang out with my rock-star animator buddy, Hisko Hulsing - he's now the director of a smash Amazon hit, "Undone".  It's a very surreal drama using rotoscope in every frame - it's very cool!

If you're living in Northern California, I'll be making an appearance at the Mendocino International Film Festival from June 3 to June 5.  I'm doing a bunch of shows, one's a retrospective of my previous animated shorts and another one is a sneak peek at my upcoming feature "Slide", a country musical comedy along the lines of "Blazing Saddles". 

And I'm sorry if this is late notice, but I wanted to remind you again that this Sunday night, May 22, I'll be at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Massachusetts for a special screening of the award-winning short film "Demi's Panic", written by Danny Leonard and produced by Danny and Lorena Leonard, preceded by a curated selection of my classic animated shorts.  It's going to be a fun film event with lots of guests - I hope you can all make it.  I'll do a free sketch (on a postcard) for everybody who attends, so buy a ticket now, there are still some available.

Again, it's the Regent Theatre, 7 Medford St., Arlington MA - Sunday, May 22 at 7 pm.  You can buy tickets at or use this link:

Hope to see you there!  

--Bill P.

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