Friday, June 11, 2021

Everything Cool at Heritage Auctions

Hello again, Scribble Junkies fans - 

I want to sincerely thank all of you who helped our "Demi's Panic" Kickstarter campaign - as you probably already know, it was a big success - and we're very happy that Danny and Lorena attained their goal.  

However, we still need support to enter the film into festivals and as you probably know, festivals charge entry fees, some of which are now getting close to 100 bucks - and we plan on entering a lot of festivals.  So if you still want to help us get the film out to all the festivals, please check in with the Kickstarter campaign and leave a message for Danny and Lorena if you can still contribute:

Or contact Rock Farm Productions through their Twitter or Instagram.

Another event taking place right now, that I'm very excited about, is the Heritage Auction of a lot of my work.  Heritage is the premiere auction house for cartoons and animation - and this month their catalog is calle "The Art of Anime and Everything Cool" - I'm featured very prominently as one of the "cool" artists.  Also included in that group are Tim Burton, Ralph Bakshi, John K. and Peter Chung.  So it's a fun group.  

What's also interesting is that they selected a very diverse array of my art.  There are some very early caricatures of rock musicians - Prince, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan - that I created back when I was a syndicated cartoonist....and I must say some of those pieces are pretty nice.  Then they included a bunch of art from Kanye's West's music video "Heard 'em Say" that I animated, and also some large art pieces I made inspired by his most famous songs that were used as illustrations in his book "Through the Wire".  

And of course, there's some of my most recent art from the couch gags I made for "The Simpsons" - like "Homer's Face" and very rare artwork drawn for the Season 19 DVD box set.  

The auction has already started online, but the in-house bidding will take place in Dallas, TX on June 25-27.  It's great to see that all of my art has now become collectable.  If you want to see everything that's up for auction in June, follow this link:

Or watch their YouTube video here:

You can also come visit me in Artists Alley at the New York Comic-Con this year, October 7-10 at the Jacob Javits Center - everybody SHOULD be vaccinated by then (if not, what ARE you waiting for?) and they're going to hold a smaller, socially distanced event.  No hugging, no handshakes, no high fives, but who cares - the CON is ON!  Come meet me, get a piece of art or maybe your own caricature drawn by ME!

See you then - this week's gag cartoon is below.

--Bill P.

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