Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Short films streaming on Shout Factory!

Hello, everyone, I hope that wherever you are, you're coping as best you can with this terrible virus that is spreading across the world.  As you may know, my animation studio is in New York City, which has quickly become the new epicenter for the crisis.  I am still drawing in my studio, as we have a number of animation projects in different stages of production, but my producer and office manager are now working from home, and we're trying our best to follow the new rules about staying isolated from each other and maintaining "social distancing".  It's funny, New York City has long had a reputation for putting a large number of people close together, and sometimes that's caused a lot of friction - and now after the corona virus hit, they're telling us that we all have to separate ourselves, which is not easy to do in such a big city.

If you remember, back in early March I was supposed to go to Paris, on a trip I was very excited about, and it got cancelled because of the effects of the virus in France. Shortly after that we started to see film festivals in the U.S. being cancelled, and of course now all movie theaters are closed and even bars and restaurants because it's dangerous to have people gathering everywhere.  The whole entertainment industry is being rocked, because it relies on people going out and getting together, watching concerts and movies in a shared experience. 

I heard that a lot of movies are now going to be on streaming platforms much quicker than before, so while we all deal with this crisis and enforced isolation as best as we can, I wanted to let everyone know that my short film library is now streaming via Shout Factory, and you can check my animation out on their web-site at:

Shout Factory has been really great, I signed a distribution deal with them last year, and first they put all of my features on the big streaming platforms, like Amazon, Google Play and Apple TV+.  I had been trying for years to break into those markets, but I only managed to get one feature ("Cheatin'") on Netflix, and that was just for a limited time.  So I really want to thank Shout Factory for getting my library out there in the digital world for the first time. 

I just found out that my short films are also streaming now, thanks to this article from SVA that lists a bunch of other things to binge-watch while you're quarantined at home.  So if you've already seen my short films, and you're looking for more ways to pass the time, give these a try!

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy, and remember, it's important to stay entertained too! 

--Bill P. 

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