Friday, October 4, 2019

New York Comic Con

Well, here I am again at the Comic-Con, or "Con" as they call it.  For many years, I had a booth up on the main show floor, where I was paying top dollar for the space and getting placed between the toys and walls of t-shirts.  It felt like they didn't know where to put me, so I decided I'd had enough of that, and moved downstairs to join Artist Alley, and already, after the first day, I've found lots of benefits:

No. 1 - I'm with other artists, so it's very artistically inspiring.

No. 2 - The table is a lot cheaper - and I mean a LOT cheaper!

No. 3 - I've got a table next to Bob Camp, one of the creators of "Ren & Stimpy", so that's always entertaining.  If people want anything related to animation, this is the place to find us.

No. 4 - The fans that come to Artist Alley are there to collect and buy - whereas the main show-floor seems to be for tourists, people who want freebies or to see what the latest video-game or feature film is. But downstairs in Artist Alley, you'll find the true creators of the upstairs shows!

As you probably all know, I've stopped going out to the San Diego Con (regrettably) because it's too expensive and too much of a hassle for me.  But the New York Comic Con feels just right, and now it's the main convention that I go to.

So if you're around this weekend, please come by and say hello to me at Table D-13 in Hall 1B - I'll give you a free sketch!

with Bob Camp and my Thursday Comic-Con Crew, Rachel & Sandrine

I do custom sketches, like this crazy Batman one, or I could draw one of YOU!

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