Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Sky Hi

Dear Fans,

About 15 years ago, I came up with a wacky idea for a book that concerned a young artist (a bit like myself) who attempts to smuggle some drugs overseas - but unfortunately the drugs that he swallows somehow dissolve into his bloodstream, causing him to have wild hallucinations during his trip.

Now, I took a few drugs when I was in college, and as a young hippie in NYC, but now I'm pretty straight.  However, the imagery still resides deep in the back of my brain.

So, I decided to make the book an illustrated novel, not a graphic novel but a novel with numerous full-page illustrations - similar to those N.C. Wyeth books like "Robin Hood" and "Treasure Island", etc.

My hope is that the surreal artwork will be a wonderful counterpoint to the bizarre story. I've never seen this done before, so I'm curious to see how it works out.

Here are some art samples from the proposed book:

 I'll post updates here as the work on the book progresses, or if there's any interest in publication.

--Bill Plympton

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