Monday, September 24, 2018

"Women in Indie Animation" show at the Metrograph

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (the people who give out the Oscars) has been very active here in NYC, programming several special screenings.

Last Friday, the Academy invited four of the biggest female animators living in the NYC area to a night of their films at the Metrograph Theater, located just south of Chinatown in Manhattan. The four filmmakers were Emily Hubley, Candy Kugel, Signe Baumane and Debra Solomon.

First of all, I had never been to the Metrograph before.  It's situated in a backwater area of town - but this area is starting to become quite stylish.  The Metrograph itself is very cool, with a bar, restaurant and library in addition to their screening room.  I think some people go there just to hang out.

So the Academy had a small pre-screening reception, then we all moved to the packed cinema to watch all of the animated shorts.  After that, the real show began with Peggy Stern moderated a Q&A session with the participants.  It was then that everyone found out what I already knew, that Signe and Debbie, aside from making funny films, were even more hilarious in person. They brought down the house with their personal anecdotes and crazy comments - they should start a comedy team.

It was a fabulous show, then we all retreated to the bar for free drinks and food, courtesy of the Academy. 

If you're in the neighborhood of 7 Ludlow Street, check out the Metrograph's schedule - they have some fabulous shows! 

I want to give everyone an update on "Trump Bites".  The fourth episode, called "The Unraveling", is playing this week in Los Angeles at the Downtown Independent Theater, at 251 Main St.  Check this link for showtimes and tickets: 

The short will play there until September 27.  

Also, I want to tell everyone about a political cartoon and caricature show that the great Steve Brodner is putting together at SVA.  Not only will they have some terrific illustrations but they will also feature some of my "Trump Bites" animated shorts.  If you're around NYC on October 11, be sure to stop by at 601 West 26th St., 15th Floor, to meet some of the greatest cartoonists alive today.  And I'll be there too.  See you there!

--Bill Plympton

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