Wednesday, April 4, 2018

MoCCA Arts Fest

Coming up this weekend, the glorious MoCCA Arts Festival is taking place, April 7-8 at the Metropolitan West, 639 West 46th St. in Manhattan - put on by the wonderful Society of Illustrators.

I've been attending since the beginning, it must be 15 years now, and it's one my favorite events of the year.  It's a gathering of all of the best independents, graphic artists, cartoonists, and animators.  No big-time companies are allowed, no Marvel, D.C. or Dark Horse.

For that reason, some of the artwork is a little more mature, more up my alley, closer to my line of work.  Crazy, sexy and brilliant.

Last year, interestingly enough, it seemed the women had taken over the MoCCA Festival floor.  I would guess 70% of the tables were staffed by women.  And honestly it was a very refreshing change for ideas and art.

And, as usual, the place was packed.  So I'll be there showing my new Simpsons animation, plus some great books and DVDs.  Also, I'll be doing caricatures - so please come by, I'll be at Table C136.

For more details and tickets, please visit:

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