Monday, March 26, 2018

The Simpsons "Homer's Face"

Usually, I like to use this forum to tell people about upcoming events - however this time I'm using the blog to talk about last night's premiere of my latest "Couch Gag" for "The Simpsons, with animation of Homer Simpson singing the song from my Oscar-nominated film "Your Face". 

Unfortunately, my new couch gag got bumped from its original premiere date of March 18, and we had just finished announcing the on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when we found out the airdate was being changed.  There was some kind of schedule snafu, I guess, or maybe it had something to do with that O.J. Simpson confession special.  Anyway, we had to go back on all the social media platforms and announce the programming change. 

So now my new couch gag aired against the "60 Minutes" report on Stormy Daniels and their exposé on Mr. Trump's sex life.  I guess the NCAA basketball ran into overtime, so people had to choose between "60 Minutes" and "The Simpsons".  Fat chance I'll get anyone to see my epic animation (at least in the East Coast time zone.) 

Nevertheless, it looked great and we got some terrific comments on YouTube.  (Also, some very crazy ones...)  

If you missed the new couch gag "Homer's Face"", you can see it here:

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