Friday, January 5, 2018

Jackie Greene update

I believe you've all heard that I'm working on an epic set of music videos for the acclaimed singer/songwriter Jackie Greene.  Well, it's turning into an awesome project - it's become what we call in the business a "featurette", which is a longer short film - this one may have a running time of about 30 minutes.

There are six different songs & videos, each around four minutes long, with a 3-minute wrap-around animated documentary about Jackie and his bus tour around America.  Each of the individual music videos was animated in a different style, with different techniques, designs and color sets - in fact, one of the shorts is being created and animated by one of my artists, Alena Krizenecky, and it's gorgeous. 

I designed these different styles because I was afraid that using just one style would become too boring, plus I wanted each style to reflect each different style of music. 

It looks like this massive project will be finished in February, and we're now planning a world premiere screening here in NYC.  I'm hoping it will be a music-video extravaganza.  I want to also show some of my favorite music video's that I've created: Madonna's "Who's That Girl", Weird Al Yankovic's "TMZ", Parson Brown's "Mexican Standoff" and Kanye West's "Heard 'em Say".  Then I'll bring out the man himself, Jackie Greene, to play one of his songs.  And finally we'll show the music featurette called "Modern Lives".  Then to top it all off, Jackie and I will talk about various topics - music, art, working together, whatever the audience wants us to discuss.  It should be a glorious, glorious evening. 

People say music videos are a dying art form because MTV stopped showing them.  But I believe that music plus animation is one of the greatest art forms we have.  Just look at "Yellow Submarine". 

I'll be making an announcement in a few days about the time and place for this monumental event.  Meanwhile, here are some images from the upcoming Jackie Greene "Modern Lives" project - I hope you like them! 

Bill P. 

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