Friday, June 30, 2017

Animation School successes

As most of you know, over the winter months I held a semester of the Bill Plympton School of Animation - and already we've received word of success from two of the students -

Shawy, a student from France, just found out that his short film "Giftaway", made as a school assignment was accepted into the glamorous Oaxaca Film Festival in Mexico -

And then, I just found out that another of my students, Brian Giovanni, who made an excellent short called "When Comes the Rain" just got it accepted into the Animation Block Party, which is a very important festival here in NYC. 

Now, I wish I could say that their success is solely a result of my brilliant teaching - however, both of these students are also excellent artists and storytellers before taking my class, and I'm just happy that I was able to guide their wonderful talents to such success.

I've seen work from a number of the other students and I feel that there will be more festival success stories to come - and hopefully we'll be releasing a compilation of the excellent work from these students on DVD - so watch for it! 

--Bill P.

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