Friday, April 28, 2017

Jackie Greene

I've got great news - one of my favorite musicians (after Emmylou, of course...), Jackie Greene, has partnered with me to make a mini-musical feature film, using 5 of his most recent songs.  His new album, "Modern Lives", containing those songs, will be released shortly and the animated version should be done some time around Christmas.

Now, I get a lot of requests for music videos, but there's usually only one requirement to my acceptance - I must like the music.  As most of you know, I have certain prejudices in my musical tastes.  I don't like pop (even though I did a very successful video for Kanye West - that's because he was Kanye) and I don't like electronic or experimental. 

There are two types of music I love - country and western - and although Jackie Greene's music is more blues-influenced, I just fell in love with his sound the minute I heard it.  As you may know, he's played with all of the greats, Phil Lesh, the Black Crowes, Larry Campbell (who has played on a bunch of my films, like "The Tune" and "Idiots and Angels"...)

Occasionally I will be posting updates on the program of this mini-feature and also showing some of the cool artwork.  Just the other day, Jackie stopped by the new Plymptoons studio, and we discussed what he was looking for in my animation - he said "weird and psychotic".  Inside, I was jumping for joy, because I felt like I was set free to create images that I'd always wanted to make.  Now I hope I don't get too weird!

Oh, fuck it - let's get TOO weird.

                                      Jackie Greene drops by the studio and meets the crew!

Also, I want to thank my good friend and cousin, Christian Vellanoweth, for connecting me with Mr. Greene.  I think we're going to create some amazing videos!

--Bill Plympton

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