Friday, January 27, 2017

Signe Baumane's "My Love Affair With Marriage"

As some of you may already know, the great animator Signe Baumane started off her meteoric rise in the New York animation world by working at my studio.  So no doubt, I'm a bit prejudiced towards her films.

But I just saw her Kickstarter pitch for her new film and was knocked out!  Her follow-up to her amazing film "Rocks in My Pockets" will be called "My Love Affair With Marriage". 

The animation clip is terrific and her description of the film seems like it's the perfect concept for an animated film.  And I think the time is right for a film about relationships told from a strong female perspective.

Signe has been married twice, and she's always been completely honest (to me, anyway) in her analysis of men and sexual relations - so I have no doubt this film will be quite outrageous.  And Signe did a lot of research about what chemical and biological changes take place in the human body when we fall in and out of love. 

She plans on hiring a number of celebrities for the voices, so in order to pay for them, she's decided to turn to Kickstarter - which is a great idea, since Hollywood doesn't have the balls to support an honest, sexually frank animated film made by a woman -

So I'm encouraging all my fans and friends to help support Signe in her quest to animate this exposé into the murky world of male-female passions -

I, for one, will donate and I hope you do too, because you'll be supporting an independent film that will be a piece of art, with a story that definitely needs to be seen by the world.

You can find her Kickstarter campaign at the link below, or search Kickstarter for "My Love Affair With Marriage".

Thanks for your support,

Bill Plympton

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