Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Talkhouse Podcast with Lloyd Kaufman

A while ago, I wrote a film review of "Man From Reno" for Nick Dawson from Talkhouse Film.  Recently he called me up again, this time to interview the famous Lloyd Kaufman at the plush Samsung Studios in the chic meatpacking district of Manhattan.  It was for a Talkhouse Podcast - I don't do much podcasting myself, but I know that my executive producer James Hancock has a popular one called Wrong Reel, and I've been interviewed for them on occasion myself.

I've known Lloyd ever since 1986, when I saw his film "Surf Nazis Must Die" at Cannes, and of course, he was the center of attention because of his street publicity guerrilla tactics.  We've been friends since then, in fact "Surf Nazis" was a  bit of an influence on the making of my new feature, "Hitler's Folly".

In any case, the interview went very smoothly and was quite entertaining, even though he popped in a few expletives to spice up the conversation - and we covered everything from Robert Rodriguez to Donald Trump.  Lloyd, of course, promoted the hell out of his new Troma films, and that's one of the things he does so well.

                                               Podcasting is so much fun, it's scary....

We also talked about San Diego Comic-Con, where he's been an attendee since the very early years.  I've only been going there since the late 1990's, so I'm a neophyte compared to Lloyd.  So check out the podcast we did together, I think that's how these things work, right?  You don't have to tune in at any special time, you can download the podcast and listen any time you want!  Isn't technology great?

Talkhouse is still editing the podcast, so if you didn't catch it live, it should be up on their site in about a week.  Please check it out!

In the meantime you can check out Uncle Lloydie's video diary here:

--Bill Plympton

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