Monday, April 4, 2016

Boston / Tampa / NYC - Crazy week!

In my constant search for funding for my new animated feature, and to do some advance publicity, I've been traveling all over and speaking a lot.  It just so happened that several engagements got bunched up in the last week of March.  I think when the weather first starts to get nice, there are a lot more film festivals and screenings, since my January and February schedules seemed pretty light.

The first event last week was a screening of "Cheatin'" at Emerson College in Boston, where it played as part of the celebrated "Bright Lights" series.  There was a great crowd and I had a wonderful day in Boston, meeting all my animation fans there.

                                         Signing for the fans at Emerson College in Boston

                                                  With Janet Benn at the Emerson event

I took the train back to NY and then jumped on a plane for Tampa, for a full day of animation events.  My wonderful host was David Andrade of Theory Studios, he drove me in his hot red Mustang to Ringling Art School in Sarasota, where I spoke before a packed house of young animators.

                                       Speaking to the animation students at Ringling School

                                           Signing postcards and art prints for the students

The Ringling School was founded in 1931, during the Depression, by John Ringling, one of the famous Ringling Brothers of circus fame.  Apparently he was a big art fan and wanted to create a mecca for artists in Sarasota.  I've seen a number of films made at the Ringling School, and I'm always impressed by the wit and professionalism of the students there.

We drove back to Tampa for my next event, at the Gasparilla Film Festival, which used to be held at the same time as the Gasparilla Pirate Festival, which is kind of like a local version of Mardi Gras or Carnival that takes place every January or February.  The film festival was a wonderful event, although my presentation wasn't very crowded.  Still, we had a good group of hardcore animation fans show up. 

                                            Some ice cream after a quick dip in the ocean

After a quick, refreshing swim in the beautiful ocean (avoiding stepping on the sting rays) I jetted back to NYC on Friday, where I met my "Revengeance" co-creator, Jim Lujan at the airport, his plane got in just an hour before mine. 

The next day, we set up our table at the wonderful MoCCA (Museum of Cartoon & Comic Art) Arts Festival, hosted by the great Society of Illustrators.  It's like a comic convention, but just for independent comic artists - so no DC or Marvel booths.  So that's one reason I love MoCCA, no corporate meddling. 

Jim and I hosted a panel on our new film, "Revengeance" - we had a packed house at the Ink Hotel (how appropriate!)   They seemed to love the excerpts we showed and our presentation about the film. 

Then we rushed to the South Street Seaport, for a show called "Out to See", hosted by Animation Nights New York (ANNY).  Yvonne Grzenkowicz hosted "An Evening With Bill Plympton" at the Howard Hughes Building.  Again, it was a packed house, and our presentation for "Revengeance" was the hit of the evening.

Sunday was the last day of the MoCCA Arts Fest, and the last day in my animation promotion marathon.  We saw a lot of artist friends at the festival and hung out with celebs like R.O. Blechman, Steve Brodner and Rick Meyerwitz.  Also, I sold some drawings and DVDs and made enough money to continue production on "Revengeance" - thanks to everyone who came to my booth!

                                         With Jim Lujan and Signe Baumane at MoCCA Fest

See you later - on the next promotional tour, maybe!

--Bill Plympton

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