Friday, March 18, 2016

Another "Revengeance" update

Hey, it's Wendy, Bill Plympton is away at a festival but he asked me to post an update on his new feature.  

The production team is working very hard to finish up the coloring for "Revengeance". Each scene in the film has a distinct mood, so the color design is crucial for communicating that.

We recently finished coloring a flashback sequence in the film, and Bill wanted an aged look to the visuals. So, as you can see, the colors here are quite different from the rest of the film. Where the rest of the film is very saturated and colorful, the flashback sequence is more nuanced and monochromatic.

Here are a few stills from the flashback sequence, where our main character Lana recounts her childhood with the Inland Emperors (the biker gang at the center of "Revengeance"):

Stay tuned for the film's release!

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