Monday, February 23, 2015

Enzian Theater's 30th Anniversary

I first attended the Florida Film Festival back in the early 1990's.  I went to this festival in Orlando and had a ball, because it was one of those rare festivals that seemed to care more about the filmmakers than the press or sponsors.  I was treated so well I decided to come back, and come back I did. 

They claim that I've had more films screen at the Florida Film Festival then any other filmmaker - and that led to me creating two trailers and two posters for the festival, and happily I was also commissioned to design a mural for their very popular Eden Bar. 

                             People drinking at the Eden Bar, with my mural in the background!

Since this February they were celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Enzian Theater (coincidentally, it's also my 30th Anniversary of working in animation) they asked me to create a new trailer to celebrate the event and they brought me down to be part of the celebration. 

The weather in NYC, as you all know, has been extremely frigid, so a long weekend break in sunny Florida seemed like the perfect getaway for Valentine's Day with my wife, Sandrine.

The big celebration at the Enzian was a marvelous event, presided over by Siggy, Henry and Liz, with great food and the typical warm family atmosphere that is the custom at the Florida Film Festival.

But the biggest news was the announcement of a massive new construction project to expand the one-screen cinema into a much larger three-screen cinema with a second kitchen and larger lobby.  It will be the centerpiece of culture in central Florida.

If you have a new film, please enter it in the Florida Film Festival, and be sure to attend.  You'll have a ball!

For more information about the Enzian Theater and the Florida Film Festival, please visit:

--Bill P.

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