Friday, September 26, 2014

Penthouse magazine

For those of you who have read my books or my biography, you probably know about my illustration history.  But for those of you who haven't, I got my illustration career started by drawing cartoons for men's magazines.

I started with Screw and worked my way up through Knave, Adelina, Hustler, Penthouse Letters and Penthouse Forum, and finally Playboy and Penthouse.  Of course, once I moved into making films, I ended my career as a porn cartoonist.

Recently I was asked by Penthouse magazine to direct a nude photo spread called "Pop Shots", where they invite well-known artistic celebrities to create a sexy section in the magazine.  The other contributors are famous tattoo artists, musicians, actors, etc.

Since I've created many sexy stories for my cartoons, I used the scenario of a woman who goes on a date to a drive-in cinema, and gleefully takes on numerous men, including actors from the movie - only instead of real male porn actors, I used some of my own cartoon characters, who would appear to be having sex with a live female model.

They asked me to supervise the shoot in L.A. on their large film studio (they also shoot films in these facilities).  So I made my selection from a group of local L.A. models.  I wanted a "va-va-voom" type actress, like a Jayne Mansfield or Jessica Rabbit type, however, the ones they initially showed me weren't exaggerated enough.

My first pick couldn't do it because she got married and found religion - too bad, because she had enormous breasts.  So I went with my second choice, who was blonde and looked great!

I flew out there in late August, and met the model.  A couple of problems popped up, she looked a lot older than the photos I'd seen, also she had more tattoos than I remembered from the photos.  I became very nervous, plus it was taking hours for her to get ready.  Damn, was this whole project a big mistake?  Had it become a failed wet dream?

After the first few shots, I saw how perfect she was, and my fears happily disappeared.  The shoot was a big success and a great learning experience for me.  In fact, this was one of my boyhood fantasies come true.

I've just received the finished shots, and now I have to fill in the cartoon drawings for this "backseat fuck fest".  It should appear in the December issue of Penthouse - so check your local newstand in a month or two.

The editors wanted to try something different for the magazine to attract younger readers - and I think my photo spread is definitely very different.  If you like it, be sure to let the editors of Penthouse know - then I may do a sequel!


Bill Plympton

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