Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cheatin' festival and distribution update

In my previous posts, I talked about how much fun I had at the Slamdance Festival in Park City, and the Portland International Film Festival. 

Slamdance, of course, was huge for me because it was the North American premiere of the film.  I had hoped to have a sales agent attached to the film, and we were trying to get someone from Submarine, but they already had a full slate, so unfortunately we weren't able to find an agent in time for the festival, which is not really the right way to do things.

Upon our arrival at Slamdance, we were greeted by a wonderful review in Variety - which buoyed our spirits.  The film was scheduled for two screenings there - the opening night screening (very prestigious) was packed, standing room only.  Everyone was very excited, and at the end of the film there was sustained applause (I love that!).  I can never be sure how an audience will respond to my new films, so it was a wonderful joy to hear that they loved the film.  The biggest confirmation of their appreciation of the film came afterwards, when people would randomly walk up to me and rave about the movie.  When it's unsolicited love - that's the true test.

Our second screening, 4 days later, had pretty much the same reaction.  Unfortunately, there were no distributors present at the Slamdance screenings, so our next step is to organize a private screening in NYC for all the distributors, so they can see the kind of reaction it gets from an audience.

My last option, I suppose, will be to send DVDs to these distributors and hope they can imagine the fantastic applause and laughter it would receive in a theater.

Stay tuned to Scribble Junkies for more "Cheatin'" updates.


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