Friday, December 6, 2013

Maureen McElheron's new book

If you know my films at all, then you know about Maureen McElheron.  She's the musical genius behind the wonderful songs heard in "Your Face", "The Tune", and the great "Hair High", among others.

I met Maureen when I first moved to New York and she was performing in a Greenwich Village nightclub.  I immediately fell in love with her voice and her original songs.  Fortunately, we became friends and when I began to create animation, I asked her to contribute some songs for the film.  Her music just seemed to fit perfectly with my style of art and humor.

And speaking of humor, she has a brand new book out, co-written with another friend of mine, Richard Smith - it's called "There Is a God!", published by Tarcher/Penguin Books.

Just so you know, it's not a religious book, although I suppose there's a bit of religion in there.  No, it's about that expression "There is a God" that people say when something miraculous happens - like
"#4 - Watching your toddler take his first steps"
"#261 - Mob justice for the neighbor with the leaf blower"
"#270 - He doesn't know they're implants"
"#114 - Hitting the lottery 4 months after your divorce is finalized"

Now that it's the holiday season, this is a great gift to get for your friends.

I think Maureen and Richard should receive the Nobel Prize for Humor.  Oh, wait, there isn't one.  Well, there should be.

I give "There Is a God!" an A+

Check the book out here:

and here:


                                   Bill and Maureen at the Traverse City Film Festival, 2012
                                              (my thanks to Brian Harwood for the photo)

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