Monday, October 21, 2013

New York Comic Con 2013

The New York Comic Con just keeps getting bigger and bigger!  The attendance now is very close to the Granddaddy of Cons, San Diego.  In fact, the number I heard for NYCC was 130,000 attendees, and San Diego maxes out at 125,000. 

But I like New York Comic Con because it's so easy for me to get to, and I don't need to rent a hotel room.  The flavor of the New York Comic Con is also different, NYCC seems to have more video games and merchandise, while San Diego has more Hollywood stars and films (naturally) and more artists.
                              Harry Knowles from "Ain't It Cool News" stopped by our booth!

Visiting Peter Kuper ("Spy vs. Spy") in Artists Alley

I got to visit a lot of my buddies at NYCC, like Peter Kuper, Geof Darrow, Bob Fingerman, Larry Hama, and Bob Camp (of "Ren & Stimpy").  I also did a presentation from my new feature film CHEATIN' (I showed the trailer) and talked about the Kickstarter campaign.

                                      With Geof Darrow ("Hard-Boiled", "Shaolin Cowboy")

                                  Hanging with Larry Hama ("G.I. Joe", "Wolverine", "Venom")

                                            With Bob Camp, co-creator of "Ren & Stimpy"

Then I invited everyone up to the booth to get a free drawing and to check out the the new "Dogs & Cows" DVD - plus some cool color prints from the soon-to-be-finished CHEATIN'. 

       With Jim Salicrup, former Marvel Comics editor ("Uncanny X-Men", "Amazing Spider-Man")

                                                   With Rob Bruce of "Comic Book Men"

It was great to see all of my fans, and the crazy sexy costumes (we were across the aisle from Spicy Magazine, and the gorgeous Yaya Han).  So, it was hard to concentrate on work and to spread the word about CHEATIN'.

                                                            Yaya Han as Power Girl

Zatanna and Catwoman came by the booth...                                         ....and so did Black Cat!

I give the New York Comic Con a B+.

                           With the crew of Booth #2944, John Holderried and James Hancock.

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