Friday, September 21, 2012

Scribble Junkies

It's now the day before the birth of my first child, so you can imagine I'm pretty busy with my time. 
But I do want to give you my review of "Hop". Now I realize it's an older film, I think a year old, but I finally saw the film and I want to give you my opinion. 

First it's a mix of live action and animation. It's about the easter bunny yet it has many similarities with the Santa Claus scenario. To me the story was very rambling and unfocused. The humor didn't really make me laugh. I think I chuckled once throughout the entire film. 

But the design of the CG character was excellent. Naturally all the designs were by the genius, Peter DeSéve. In fact the star James Marsden looked uncannily like Peter. 

The bad thing was that his credits were buried somewhere in the end credits, while the make up and costume persons were credited in the beginning of the film. That figures.

I give "Hop" a C.

Also here's my new gag cartoon: 

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  1. I agree that the designs are great.

    Congrats on your child!