Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Drawn Animation Show

While Patrick Smith was in town we held our 2nd annual drawn animation film festival on Thursday Aug 23rd. But this time it was held in Manhattan at the roomy SVA Theatre on 23rd st.
With only 2 weeks of publication we sold out the arena- (technically it wasn’t sold out, it was a free event). The audience was a wonderful mix of professionals, students and fans and by all accounts they loved the show.
Pat showed his classic “Drink” and I showed some of the colored scenes from my new work in progress “Cheatin’”.
But there were some other films that were knockouts. Of course Hisko Hulsing's “Junkyard” was a tourd force that amazed everyone. And the audience loved “Notes on Biology” By Dan Madden and “Songs of North America” by KristenLepore. Both very amateurish in drawing techniques but hilarious. It just goes to show you don’t have to be a Winsor McCay to make a great film.

But the grand prize deservedly went to Joy and Noelle Vaccese for their wonderful film “CC’s Bedtime Stories”.
So if you have a film that’s hand drawn and you think it’s pretty good, send it to Pat or I and maybe next year we’ll give you the prestigious “Scribble Junkie Prize”
 I want to thank Reeves Lehman and all the folks at the SVA Theatre for all their great assistance.

I give the event an A+

Scribble Junkie's after party! 
From the left: Brett Thompson, Noelle, Me, Pat and Joy 


  1. Bill/Pat: It was great! Hope to have something invite-worthy at some point.

  2. Thanks for doing this! loved the films, and reuniting w/ old friends