Monday, February 13, 2012

The Flying House World Premiere

As most of you know, we just had the world premiere of Winsor McCay's "The Flying House" on Feb 8th at the prestigious Society of Illustrators.

Bill introducing the film-- all photos in this post are by
Mark Forman
Mark Forman Productions, Corp.
Thanks Mark!

It was a gala affair, lots of fans of Mr. McCay – Anelle Miller introduced me, and I introduced the Dean of Animation History Howard Beckerman, who discussed the history of Winsor McCay. Then, we screened the original version of the Flying House (silent, of course). Then I brough on stage Biljana Labovic (the producer) and Judy and Celeste, the two interns most responsible for cleaning the original files of the film. It took them two years of digital cleaning!

I then brought up Adam Rackoff, who was responsible for organizing the Kickstarter campaign that was instrumental in raising the funds for the short film's ressurection. We had a terrific Q&A after – everyone seemed fascinated by Winsor McCay and the project.

Later we all retired upstairs for food and drinks, with more dicussion of "The Flying House". As I write this, Lisa Labracio is putting together a deluxe DVD of the whole project, including both versions of the film, interviews with film scholars such as Jerry Beck and Leonard Maltin, plus a very cool documentary by Shorts International. It should be completed by this spring, so watch for an announcement coming soon.

Thanks for your time!

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