Monday, November 5, 2012

Epic Sketchbook: ENRICHO CASAROSA..

Enrico Casarosa. Big fan, especially of his girls. I bought his sketchbook Fragments years ago (he published with Ronnie del Carmen, another genius), and it remains one of my favorites. I was lucky enough to be in Monkeysuit anthology so long ago with him, this was the closest brush with the master i got!


  1. FLCL fanart (that final image) FTW.

  2. I was gonna say the same thing. Anyone who would do FLCL fanart is alright by me.

  3. Mr. Casarosa RULES.
    When Codename: Kids Next Door got greenlit I totally called and asked if he'd sign on as a storyboard artist. It kinda went like this:

    Enrico: Sorry, but I just got hired by Pixar!
    Me: Who?
    Enrico: Pixar. You know... Toy Story. Monsters Inc.
    Me: Never heard of them. But after they fail miserably come back and work on KND!

    Funny... he never called back.