Monday, June 14, 2010

"Masks" premiere this Friday!

So there's a reason why I've been so lame on posting, I've been working really hard ever since I returned from Singapore last month to finish up my latest animated short "Masks." Generally speaking I'm trying to stay away from self promotion on this blog, but I wanted to let anyone who is interested know about the show this Friday at 92Y in Tribeca. Began as an audio experiment with recording artist Karl von Kries, "Masks" illustrates modern exploitation, production and consumption in animated terms. I insisted that the audio come first, thus all images exist to tell the musical story, instead of the typical method of scoring music after animation has been completed. In this manner, "Masks" projects itself as a musical interpretation, a contemporary and disturbing version of the Disney formula of "Fantasia". Me and Karl have collaborated in the past on my films "Drink" and "Delivery".
Please try to make it friday, I encourage you to buy tix ahead of time since it's a pretty small theater and may sell out.

Hope to see you there!


  1. I wish I could make it :[

    Are you planning on taking the film on the road? Are you going to be up in Northampton again?

  2. So awesome that this is finished! I'm sorry I can't make it out to the premiere...but I'm sure you'll have a rad crowd for it.