Monday, February 15, 2010

ANNIES Trip Part 2

To continue my Odyssey in the Mecca of animation L.A. where I was to attend the Annies. I tried to make a few bucks by doing some masterclasses. I started Friday by doing a show at Nickelodeon Studio- good crowd and great breakfast. Then I zipped over to nearby Dreamworks Studios. They have a lovely hacienda/campus- like environment. I had a packed house and they seemed to like my show. I made some drawings, showed "Hot Dog", "Idiots and Angels" (5 minute excerpt), Cheatin' pencil test (5 minute excerpt) and my new short "The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger" and as usual I gave everyone a sketch. Then they invited me to a fabulous lunch where I got to visit with old friends Ennio Torresan ("El Macho") and Sharon Coleman (Oscar nominated "Badgered").

Finally I shuttled over to the Disney Studios where I repeated my show. However, I did do a large drawing of the "hubby" from my new film "Cheatin'" and it was really great, I hated to part with it. But they wanted to raffle it off to an animator at the studio.

Also while I was out there I did a long interview with Tom Sito and Ron Diamond for a book their putting out about animated feature film directors.

I was also able to talk to a few people about the theatrical release of "Idiots and Angels". Finally it looks like my film will be able to be shown all over the country. It's done pretty well overseas but I've yet to get a satisfactory deal domestically. Keep your fingers crossed and keep watching Scribble Junkies for new updates!


  1. Hey Bill, glad to hear about Idiots and Angels.
    Thanks for your talk today at Bournemouth, the new short is great!

  2. 'I was also able to talk to a few people about the theatrical release of "Idiots and Angels".'

    Hey Bill, it's about time! We need to see your work on the big screen all over the place.

    It was a great thrill meeting you at the Annie's and I'm eager to see Alexia Anastasio's bio-doc on you and your work - thanks for the opportunity to play a small part in making it happen (I Love the "Free Hugs" Tshirt).