Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cheatin' Production Blog - Episode Ten - Animation - Part 01

First of several episodes about my animation process, I use my layouts to discuss principals such as squash and stretch while drawing a sequence of pencil test footage

Cheatin' Production Blog - Episode Ten - Animation - Part 01 from Bill Plympton on Vimeo.



  1. Thanks Bill!! I like how you express yourself as you create the motion - "We're getting close to him being completely in the car - that's very exciting!" And I felt the same way. This is the fun stuff - thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks, Bill. All of the excerpts are great. Thanks for mentioning things like, flipping and how it was not a deterrent, in getting your work/films done.

    James M

  3. Incredible to see how quickly you can rough in the movement.

    I realise the motion is sped up a little, but you certainly aren't precious with your drawings the way some people are. You just bang them down and BOOM - you're done.

    Such confidence.

    Very inspiring.