Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Cloud Atlas" review.. and a cartoon.

Last week I saw the controversial film "Cloud Atlas" by the Wachowski's and Tom Tywker. 
It's a very experimental film despite it's large budget- 100 million. If you haven't heard it's 6 semi-related stories in different eras of history.  Although the common theme is love of humanity, it's a very large concept to tackle and I believe the filmmakers are largely successful. 

The acting by Halle Barry, Tom Hanks, Hugo weaving and others playing multiple roles is very engaging. The problem is it takes too long to get to the end. The story is so complex and convoluted that I lost my patience about 2 thirds of the way though. It's a 2 hour plus film. 

I believe it will be the darling of the critics but it's going to be tough to sell to the American public. I give Cloud Atlas a B- 

Here's my cartoon of the week- Although I generally don't like verbal puns- I just thought that its a timely idea for these green times: 

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